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Mom's Genius Dollar Store 'Busy Binder' Will Make Errands With Your Toddler More Bearable

We'll be making one of these stat.

Ever have a morning where your toddler merely opened their eyes and you know today is just going to be a challenging one? It seems like those toddler mood swings happen to always come up when there is approximately one million things to do. Of course, you could always hand your toddler the phone, but all that screen time just ends up making them extra restless. When you've come to that challenging crossroads there is only one thing left to do: Get creative.

Mama Martusha (@thewanderingpeony) came up with this  brilliant toddler hack to make sure her little boy didn't thwart her day.


Isn't that such a good idea? A trip to the dollar store, an old binder, hot glue, and some knock-off blocks and you've got yourself a travel toy that will keep them engaged. We love that everything is really low stakes with the product, so this way if we leave our new toy somewhere, we can just whip up another one. 

Followers were in awe of the simple brilliance of it all.

User @Ashley blatantly asked: "How does it feel being the smartest mom alive?? Thanks for this!"

While others like @ put their own twist on it. "I just did this but glued the sheets to old plastic take out containers... going to take it on vacation."

Though @Jeanine Sisley noted she'd be skipping this brilliant idea when she good-heartedly joked "My kid would just start chucking them at other people and then smack me in the head with the book."

Honestly; FAIR. But since this hack is so affordable and has some success rate, we say go for it anyway.