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Girl Finally Catches Butterfly After Trying All Summer and her Reaction Is SO Wholesome

She finally did it

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There's nothing like reaching a goal after you've been pursuing it for a super long time, never giving up. When you're a kid, sometimes you spend your whole summer trying to learn how to do something, like ride a bike or plant a garden or do the perfect cartwheel. For the girl in this video from @brittfizzle, her ambition this summer was to catch a butterfly. She had the perfect little butterfly-catching container, so it's sort of surprising that it took so long, but butterflies are super quick. It would have been completely understandable if this girl gave up and started collecting rocks or some other thing that can't fly away. But she didn't. She just kept at it. And what finally happened? All that hunting paid off.


How exciting! The butterfly was totally visible in that little container, flapping its wings and probably wishing it wasn't in a little container, but never mind about that right now. Surely the girl only kept the butterfly for a brief amount of time before sending it back into the wild. The point is, she finally caught a butterfly long enough to really study and observe it up close, and that's a really exciting accomplishment. Especially because she tried for so long!