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Woman Shares the Fascinating History Behind C-Sections

Spoiler: They originated in Africa!

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There are so many medical interventions and procedures we take for granted nowadays, from simple surgeries to vaccines to antibiotics (to, of course, the more advanced and amazing lifesaving medicine out there). The point is, most of us don't give much thought to how this medicine came to be, we're just thankful that it exists. 

But the fact is, there is some truly fascinating history to be learned, for example, about Cesarean sections. Nowadays, c-sections are performed regularly and successfully, saving the lives of women and babies every day. But who were the first people to perform c-sections? In this eye-opening video from @habari_njema, we learn that midwives in the African countries of Tanzania, Congo and Uganda have been doing c-sections for hundreds of years, long before modern tools or medications existed. 

Wow! So mind-blowing. Imagine what these women were accomplishing, long before all the things doctors and nurses rely on today to make things safe. All hail the mighty midwife! For real. 

While some commenters were somewhat distracted by the idea of banana wine, most were just totally blown away and so thankful for the information. After all, this unfortunately isn't the kind of thing you learn in school. Not generally, anyway. And people do truly want to learn more. Particularly interested were the moms who had c-sections, some of whom thanked these women who walked before them. 

It's so important to know our history as women and mothers, and to give credit where credit is due for these things we couldn't live without today. 

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