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Dad Explains Why He and His Wife Didn’t Shove Cake In Each Other’s Faces and Reveals a Sweet Tradition

You and your partner are going to want to steal this one.

Weddings come with a lot of different traditions that many people look forward to participating in when their big day finally arrives. Wearing something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue immediately comes to mind... and so does the tradition where the new married couple shoves cake in each other's faces at the reception. But given how long it takes (and how expensive it can be) to get ready for a wedding, we totally get why more people are starting to say no to that last one.

That includes a couple on TikTok who shared why they decided to skip the cake fight tradition. In their video, they shared what they do instead, and it really is something that some newlyweds are going to want to steal for their own weddings!


In the video, the husband panned over the wedding photos hanging on the wall as he explained, "We were wearing the most expensive clothing we had ever owned, and we wanted to keep them looking nice so we could wear them again for our five year anniversary." 

He then showed he and his wife in the same clothes, five years later... and then 10 years, which included their son in the photos. The next year, they'd be celebrating 15 years together, which meant more photos in their wedding attire to add to the wall. 

"This wall is long enough for about 55 years," he wrote.

How sweet is that? Documenting their marriage in the exact same clothing they wore on that day as they grow old together — that's what it's all about. 

Maybe we should all rethink that messy cake tradition... for a lot of reasons.