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Dad Sets Up Camera to Capture His Favorite Part of the Day

And it didn’t disappoint.

Everybody has their favorite part of the day. For some people it's the end of their work shift. For some people it's that first sip of coffee. For others it's the moment when they can finally put their feet up for the first time. But for one certain dad, the best part of the day, every day, is so special that he films it. Every time. What time of day is it? It's when his little girls came home from school, of course. 

This adorable video from @footballtofatherhood shows how excited he is every day when his daughters come home, and it's so sweet. You just have to see it for yourself. 


Have you ever seen anything lovelier? Let's be honest; For some parents, when their kids come home from school is one of the hardest parts of their day. Kids aren't always in the best moods ever when they get home from school, after all. And parents are going through their mid-afternoon slump, too. 

Commenters were so moved by the beautiful relationship between fathers and daughters...
"Awe! I miss this age of my kids. Enjoy every moment. You blink and it’s gone. There is never enough time."
"the best part of our day was watching this"
"This just healed my inner child. Thank you for this content."
"where are the onions"
"Best medicine for all that ails you"
"aaaaawwweeee sweet babies! I miss when my kids ran to me like that. They're 23 and 12"

It sure does go by quickly, that's the truth! Luckily this dad will always have these beautiful moments recorded to look back on, no matter how big his little girls get.