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Mom Captures Cancer Survivor Dad’s Shock When Learning They Were Having Another Baby

They thought cancer took away their chances of having another.

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It's easy to see why so many pregnancy reveals go viral — it's hard not to smile when we see the excitement (and occasionally, even shock) cross people's faces when they realize a new member will be joining their family. And sometimes, the reveal is being made against all odds, when the parents-to-be thought that pregnancy was downright impossible.

That was the case for the parents in one TikTok video that's currently making the rounds. Dad thought that, after surviving cancer, his hopes of having a bigger family were dashed, but as it turns out, the treatments didn't make him totally infertile after all. 


In the video, the unsuspecting father is sitting on the couch, eating a snack, when his partner can be heard saying, “I think that you still have sperm.” Suddenly, his eyes get wide with realization.

And then, seeing the look of total disbelief cross Dad's face when she hands him the positive pregnancy test is truly priceless. How amazing that she caught this moment on video!

The comments are filled with stories of people who have been through similar situations themselves. "I had lymphoma and leukemia, told I’d never have kids… took 1 month trying! Here I am 24 weeks pregnant," one expectant mom wrote. 

Stories like this don't happen every day, but that makes it so much sweeter when they do.