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Here’s How to Keep Your Little One Safe and Warm In the Car Without a Coat

Because remember: Car seats and coats are a bad combination.

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Now that colder temperatures are starting to arrive all over the US, parents are taking their little ones out of the house wearing more layers than usual. Though many parents out there know the struggle of trying to convince their kids to wear a coat before leaving the house, if your child is still in a car seat, that's an argument you can skip... at least until you get to your destination. For those who may not know, it's not safe for children to wear coats in their car seats, since it can interfere with the harness being tightened properly. 

But not wearing a coat in the car doesn't mean that they have to be freezing until the heat kicks on. This TikTok video highlights different ways to keep kids warm in the car without a coat, and some of them are pretty genius. 

Though kids can certainly be picky about literally anything, including the way they're kept warm while riding in the car, surely one of these options will please the tiny dictator in your backseat. Some of the solutions offered in this video is wearing their jacket backwards with the sleeves over their arms after they've been buckled in, putting a blanket over their feet, and making sure their hands are covered with mittens. 

And in the coldest climates, you can combine all of the methods, like this mom is doing, to make sure that baby arrives to their destination toasty warm.

Fellow parents commented on the video to share how helpful they found it, along with a few ideas that have worked from them. Others have used bunting bags that are usually reserved for stroller use, along with car seat ponchos and full body thin fleece suits.

It's important for kiddos to be warm and safe this season. These tips can help.