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Mom Surprises Son With New Animal Drawing Every Day After School and His Reaction Is Too Precious

He’s going to cherish those little animals

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When it comes to making small kids happy, it's truly the little things that matter. Sure, no kid is going to turn away a new toy or a trip to Disney, but the sweetest memories are of snuggles and laughs and gestures that show how much your family loves each other. This adorable video from @sangsang0810 is the perfect example. Little Jaxton's mom had the best idea for preschool pickup time: Instead of just greeting her son with a hug or a kiss, she showed up with a new hand-drawn animal on a piece of paper every day. So fun!


At first, Jaxton seems a little confused, but before long he's clearly expecting to be handed a cute little hippo or giraffe when he walks out the door. Maybe he'd even been thinking about it: "I wonder what animal Mom is going to bring me today?" And it's great that the mom said she "learned" to draw a new animal every day. So not only was this a fun series of surprises for her little boy, it was an opportunity to stretch her artistic skills. Totally inspiring.