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Kids Set Up Chalk Obstacle Course and Stranger Records Himself Completing It

This is so incredibly sweet.

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It's so important to nurture our playful side as adults. With all of our responsibilities and obligations, it's too easy to fall into an all-business kind of mindset: just get through the day focusing on what needs to get done without stopping to enjoy the moment or notice when a beautiful opportunity presents itself. Luckily, when @gavin_zbynski took his dog out for a walk recently, he had his eyes open and his playful attitude at the ready. Otherwise, he would've missed out on a super fun obstacle course.


How cute is that? There are so many great things about this video. First, that some kids made that obstacle course, which is so much more creative than a regular old game of hopscotch, and that they made it with the hopes that strangers walking down the sidewalk would play along. But the best part is that somebody actually did play along. Like, fully played through the whole obstacle course and gave it his all. Can you imagine how thrilled the kids who made the course would be if they could see this video? This is such an important reminder to stay in the moment and always be on the lookout for fun. Life is too short to walk over chalk obstacle courses.