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Family Has Cutest Tradition For Saying Goodbye to Each Other

They sprinted!

Every family has their own traditions... and some are better than others. Everything from the way we celebrate holidays to how we greet each other and say goodbye varies from family to family, and sometimes, we love the way our parents taught us to do things that we've started doing them when we have kids of our own, too. Some traditions can be really fun or sweet.

One tradition we really love is the one that a family recently shared on TikTok, and we totally get why it's going viral: It's so cute. This woman shared the way she and her sisters say goodbye to each other, and we can't get over how adorable it is. 


This woman filmed her sister (who was carrying her baby at the same time) running alongside the car, trying to keep up, after she left their house, until she couldn't anymore, waving goodbye once she finally stopped. 

"When your aunt always did this growing up and now you and your sisters do it for each other," she wrote in the video.

This is such an adorable way to say goodbye and show your love for each other at the same time... even if it does seem like this sister wore herself out in the process! And according to the comments, they're not the only ones who have this tradition.

"My family always does this!! Once they stop running they wave until the car is out of sight and everyone in the car waves the whole time," one person commented. 

We love that they have this tradition — and that they carried it on from their mom and her sister. Maybe their kids will do it too someday!