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Little Boy’s Change of Personality After Undergoing Chemo Is Too Precious

We’re sure dad loves this.

The challenges of having a child with cancer are innumerable, and any family facing them deserves all the help they can get...and all the moments of joy and sweetness they can manage, too. That's what "Mom of a Leukemia Warrior" @melissasautter captured in this video...a series of moments that are just so sweet and beautiful. 

Apparently, the doctors told the family that cancer and chemo might change their son Seth's personality. Who knows what they were expecting to happen to their sweet little boy? As it turns out, he just got even sweeter...particularly when it comes to his dad. Basically, his new personality is "attached to dad 24/7."


The whole thing is just too adorable. It doesn't matter whether dad is doing yard work, or chores, or working on his laptop,  or just standing around...he's got a little buddy on his back. Logistically, this probably results in an occasionally uncomfortable situation, but dad is also probably just so thrilled to have this very special affection from his little boy during this difficult time. He probably never wants to stop hugging his little boy anyway! Kids need all the love and affection they can get when they're sick. Maybe it makes this little boy feel stronger to be physically attached to his big, strong daddy.

Commenters totally understood (and were incredibly moved):
"Dad’s arm strength is unmatched"
"He finds strength in his dad!"
"So sweet, Dad doesn't seem to mind his added accessory at all"
"this was my son during treatment, attached at the hip sending hugs"
"My daughter is 3 and has leukemia  She is exactly like this with me, always wants her hand on my face hope he is doing well"
Naturally, there were also tons of comments wishing this family the very best, sending all the prayers and love in the world. Here's hoping they work and this little boy gets all better very soon.