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Mom Hilariously Sums Up The Moment Reality Hits When Giving Birth

Wait, this baby has to come out?

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Anyone who has ever been pregnant and given birth knows that it can absolutely be a wild ride. You end up so consumed by preparing for a baby to arrive and all of the changes that are happening to your body in the meantime that you get distracted from how scary childbirth can be. And for some moms, that can mean not realizing the baby inside their belly has to come out at some point until they're actually in labor.

If you can relate, don't worry — so can this mom on TikTok who shared the moment the realization hit her. At that point, she was in the hospital gown, and there was no going back! 


As "Welcome to Duloc" from Shrek plays in the background, the camera shows a pregnant mom looking pretty shellshocked in her hospital bed.

"When I told my husband I wanted a baby and now it's 9 months later and she somehow has to come out of me," Mom wrote in the video.

Yep, those of us who have given birth have been there... it's a bit of a sobering moment, isn't It? 

Plenty of other pregnant moms commented to let her know that they feel the same way, so it seems to be a pretty common feeling. Thinking too hard about birth can be a bit terrifying! 

Fortunately, in the end, the pain is worth the reward — even though recovering definitely isn't a fun time. At least, in the end, she'll get to cuddle her sweet baby!