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Mom’s Day One of Christmas Break With Daughters Looks Like a Dream

Um, adopt us?

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Having our kids home with us for winter break can be very chaotic. Not only does the break usually start the few days before Christmas, a time when many parents are busy trying to finish shopping, wrapping gifts, and prepping for the holidays, but this is also a time of year when kids are predisposed to act extra wild. We don't know if it's the cookies, having the days off of school, or the excitement of the holidays... or, most likely, a combination of all three.

But after seeing this mama's approach to Christmas break in a video she shared on TIkTok, we're totally on board with doing things her way. She shared a video of their first day at home together, and it actually looked... relaxing? 

They're in major spa night mode in their matching Christmas PJs and under eye masks while they team up to make their own individual charcuterie boards together — yes, this is what heaven looks like. Then, they made yummy juice drinks served in wine glasses garnished with cranberries and rosemary before they took their snacks into the living room to sit by the tree and watch a Christmas movie.

This looks like the perfect night... and we're amazed at how silent these kids are. No wild antics here! 

Commenters cheered this mom on in the comments — they love that she's taking the time to build traditions like this withher kids.

"So sweet! They will always remember you did these things with them! And promoting self care!" one person wrote. 

Self care is so important, especially around the holidays. Way to go, Mom!

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