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Mom Does a Christmas Sink Milk Bath Photo Shoot and You’re Going to Want to Steal This One

It’s so beautiful!

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There are so many amazing ideas online for beautiful holiday photoshoots to do with your family. So many, in fact, it can seem overwhelming, especially if you feel like you don't have the time or resources to whip up something quite so elaborate yourself. Still, the pressure is there. The pressure to create a beautiful holiday memory your family can look back on for years. 

That's what's so great about this video from @kimberlyain. She shows her viewers how to make a holiday sink milk bath photograph that looks super high end and elegant and classy, even if they think they don't have an "aesthetic" enough sink for this type of photo.

So easy, right? With the right dressing and lighting, you can make a photo that looks beautiful enough to frame, and makes a lifelong holiday memory. The cranberries are such a festive touch, and you have to love the little snow hat!

Commenters wanted specific advice on exactly how to recreate this photo, and the creator was happy to help, noting which objects she bought at Michael's, Joanne's, and Walmart. When one commenter jokingly asked "my sink is filled with dishes do I scoot them aside?" the creator said "just put them in with baby so they can help out!" She also shared which filter she used to get that gorgeous, silvery tone to the photos.

It just goes to show, you might think you don't have the raw materials, but with the right angles and decor, you can make just about anything aesthetically pleasing.