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Little Girl Gets Nervous at Christmas Pageant & Everything Goes Wrong

She's ready! But it's too late

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Over the generations, we've heard seemingly endless tales of holiday pageants that started out with the best of intentions and somehow turned into disasters. It makes sense: Little kids, nerves, pressure, holiday spirit, fancy's all a recipe for a Christmas treat gone awry.

In this video from @karissakayabbott, things don't exactly start off on the right foot. As the poster wrote: "When my daughter finally got the courage to get on stage for her Christmas performance this happened."

Oh, this poor little thing! And with everything so festive-looking, too. 

Just when she was ready, everybody was getting up. Oh no! Although there still seemed like a part was left that she was supposed to sit down for, but by then everything was just ruined. The only thing to do was throw herself on the floor and sob. In her red sparkly dress and her sweet little pigtails! Awww, is there anything sadder?

Commenters couldn't help but notice how well-behaved most of the other kids were, which prompted this little girl's mom to pop in and explain that her older sister was right behind her onstage doing everything the way she was supposed to, so every kid is different. Subtext: Stop judging! It's just a kid having a meltdown at a pageant. Put yourself in the position of a 2-year-old and you'll see it's totally understandable for this to happen in this kind of situation. 

Or maybe you need to perform in a pageant for a memory refresher?