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Mom Could Only Find One Kind of Doll That Stands 3 Feet Tall for Son and It’s Too Funny

He has no idea who that doll really is.

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If your family celebrates Christmas, there's a good chance you've felt the pressure of wanting to make the holiday season magical for your kids... but that also means finding a way to fill their requests. Sure, at least one or two of the most popular toys of the year will make it into their letters to Santa Claus, but so will at least a couple bizarre requests. Kids can be so specific when making their Christmas lists! 

One mom on TikTok shared her experience trying to make her son's Christmas dreams come true. He wanted a doll that was three feet tall, because he wanted it to be the same height that he is... and that meant that Mom had to do some seriously out of the box thinking. 

Yes, that is a Chucky doll, straight out of the horror movies... even though this little boy didn't know that. And to make it even less weird, before wrapping up the doll, Mom dressed Chucky up in a very unassuming outfit, changing him out of his trademark overalls and striped shirt. (Even so, there's still no denying that this is Chucky with that hair.)

"Instant best friends. It's not creepy at all," Mom wrote in the video over clips of her son taking Chucky everywhere with him on Christmas. It looks like these two are already attached at the hip. 

No matter what he did that day, Chucky was there... standing nearby... watching. We can't say we'd love having that doll in our houses (or ever be able to sleep peacefully again) but at least it made this little boy happy? For now, anyway, because Mom won't be able to keep the movie from him forever.

"Imagine him watching the Chucky movie at a sleepover when he is older. Boy is gonna have one hell of a night," one commenter pointed out.

We just hope that day is a long, long time from now. We don't want his new BFF to be ruined for him, as creepy as it might be! 

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