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Mom’s Solution to Kids Climbing Is Genius

Would you put this in your living room?

Kids love climbing, but there's one problem: That love of climbing doesn't just turn itself off when the kids are indoors or are somewhere unsafe. It's highly likely that every parent out there has had to tell their kid to stop climbing in the house at least once in their lives — and if you're lucky, they'll actually listen.

If this is something you struggle with, one genius mom has managed to find a solution. As she shared in a TikTok video, she decided to put a designated climbing toy in her living room that she can redirect her kids to when the mood to scale the furniture strikes them.


The video shows Dad putting together the climber (with a little help from one of their boys) and then, footage of both of her kids having fun with their new toy.

"I am a firm believer that children’s 'negative' behaviors are their way of communicating unmet needs," Mom explained in her caption. "So their stubbornness when asked not to climb on the furniture was simply their way of saying 'mom, we NEED to explore in this way!!' I so wish we could have a beautiful Pikler triangle our living room, but it just wasn’t in our budget." 

It might not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but both the kids and their parents seem really happy with this solution... and we're willing to bet this nipped the climbing on the furniture problem right in the bud. Something to consider for sure.