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Mom Gushes Over Ex Who Brings Food For Child Who Isn’t His

That’s a co-parenting win right there.

Co-parenting can be a touchy subject for many, especially where blended families are concerned. After a split, your child's new siblings might not be related to you, but they're related to them... and it can make relationships extremely complicated as you continue to parent with someone you're no longer involved with romantically.

But sometimes, it really is as simple as keeping your child's best interests at heart, as one family is proving on TikTok. A mom shared a video about her ex, who brought over candy for her other child, Carter, who isn't his when he dropped their daughter off — and not just that, but according to her caption, he also brings McDonald's over for both of the kids, too. 


Sure, he joked about her filming him for TikTok in the video, but they should both be proud of themselves — being able to co-parent like this obviously isn't an easy feat, and not everybody can put their own feelings aside like this. 

In the comments, Mom explained, "Carter likes him a lot because he sees how much his sister loves him and he recognizes that." 

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"I can understand why a dad doesn’t do stuff for other kids that aren’t his but I love when they choose to be the man that does!" one commenter wrote. 

This little girl is lucky to have parents who are able to work with each other for what's best for her, drama-free. One day, she'll realize how huge this is! 

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