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Mom’s Tip for Drinking Coffee With a Toddler Is So Clutch

Definitely will be trying this.

Parents everywhere know how essential coffee is to their existence. While some people manage to handle their lives and kids without caffeine, others depend on it to stay awake after sleepless nights and long days of chasing after their toddler. The one problem: Our kids keep us so busy we rarely actually get to sit down and drink it in peace (or while it's still hot). 

But one mom out there may have discovered the perfect hack for keeping a toddler busy long enough to drink that cup of coffee, and she's sharing her wisdom on TikTok. Seriously, this is genius!


This hack does require a bit of set up, so it's perfect to do in those last minutes before kiddo gets up for the day or right before nap is about to end. All you have to do is put down small strips of masking tape on the floor to create a parking lot, and sit down with your coffee and enjoy while your child keeps themselves busy parking all of their toy cars (and in this kid's case, a dinosaur). 

The little boy in the video definitely seemed entertained, and for children who are super into cars and trucks these days, this activity could have a lot of mileage — pun intended.

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In the comments, fellow parents shared tips on how they expand on this hack.

"We do this and make our hallway a road but I make big lines and we bring in all our ride on toys," one person wrote. Another added, "When they're a bit older or bored with this, give them the tape & let them mark a whole racetrack or city." 

Why didn't we think of this first? Off to find the masking tape... 

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