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Mom Takes Son With Autism to His First Concert Ever and His Reaction Was Beautiful

She was nervous her son was going to hate it....

If you're the parent of an autistic child, you're always having to make decisions about whether or not various scenarios will affect your child in a negative way. It can be tough to say which way things will go. When @jeewizz88 brought her son to his first concert (Coldplay), she knew he would love the light show, but worried the conflicting noises might send him into a meltdown. Luckily, things went super smoothly...and her son's face when the lights start flashing is just priceless. 


So inspiring to see! Who knows, maybe concerts will end up becoming a favorite activity for this kid. He was definitely able to self-regulate and enjoy himself, and that's a huge deal. Super helpfully for other parents, @jeewizz88 listed some of the things she did with her son to ensure things went off without a hitch. "If you have an autistic child and are prepared to leave if they get overwhelmed, take the chance and take them to a concert," she wrote. "Things that help our night go smoothly - preparing him for weeks on what to expect. Crisis planning, ear defenders, seats in the media box which are more spaced out." The planning made everything worth it! It's such a huge deal that this family was able to have a good night out together doing something they never thought they'd be able to do. 

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