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Mom Turns Daughter’s Wall Into a Coloring Book and She Apparently Can’t Get Enough of It

The reason she is doing it is pretty genius too.

There are so many incredibly creative parents out there. The internet is full of moms and dads who go to great lengths to make their children's rooms into places that will fuel their imaginations and inspire their own creativity. Case in point: @catalltop, who had the brilliant idea of turning her daughter's walls into giant coloring book pages. Think "Harold and the Purple Crayon," except none of these pictures actually come to life.  


So smart! And it's going to look really cool when it's colored in, too. But maybe the best part is the reason why this mom says she's doing all this: "Trying to foster activities that make her fall in love with her room." Genius. You want your child's room to be an oasis, a place where they feel free to dream and imagine and believe in those dreams. A kid who loves their room is a lot less likely to complain about being bored or having nothing to do, especially on those rainy days when there's no place to go. And the last reason why this is a great idea? Kids are going to draw on the wall anyway, might as well make it part of the decor.

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