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Little Boy Makes Dad’s Day With the Cutest Compliment Ever

Sometimes they hit you with that unexpected boost and it gives you so much life.

There's nothing that compares to the love we have for our kids, but that doesn't mean parenting is easy. Sometimes, as a parent, it feels like we're giving out a lot — of love, of time, of energy (and, uh, money) — without receiving a lot back, especially when our kids are too young to really "get it." But in those moments our kids do remind us how they much they love it, it's worth everything.

The unexpected shows of affection from our kids totally make our day, and one dad is sharing a TikTok video about the one that turned it all around for him. In the video, his son gives him the most adorable compliment — we can't get over this! 


This little boy was riding in the car with his dad, when, seemingly out of nowhere, he dropped this one on him: "I wish everybody was your son." He even called him the "best dad in the world"! 

From what we can hear of the conversation, Dad played it pretty cool when it was happening... but we wouldn't be surprised if he felt a little emotional thinking back on this moment someday. Like he wrote in his caption, "this little man made my day!" 

In the comments, people couldn't help but gush over what an adorable exchange this was.

"That's the best compliment. What a sweet and appreciative young man. All parents need to hear this from time to time," one person wrote.

Not only is this dad obviously doing an awesome job, but he's raising a kid who's genuinely happy to be around him, and that's going to make the time they spend together so special. Keep up the good work, Dad!