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Mom’s Hack To Relieving Constipation In Newborns Is a Must-Know

New mamas will wanna save this one...

People don't warn new moms nearly enough about all of the different problems that can come up with a newborn baby... and how so many of them will be related to their little tummies and what they're eating (and, if she's breastfeeding, what Mom is eating, too). Unfortunately, that also includes constipation, and among all the stressors that come with newborn life, it can leave moms pretty upset as they figure out how to help their little ones.

Fortunately, we now have a new hack for that, thanks to one mom sharing what she learned on TikTok — and it doesn't require medication or spending money, miraculously enough.


All this trick includes is doing a little foot massage in the shape of a rainbow, plus tightly tugging on each tiny toe. Apparently, that's all it takes to make the magic happen, as the mom explained while demonstrating the technique. And best of all, she says her baby loves it.

"Within 30 minutes, they've pooped. It's crazy," she said.

No word on how scientific this method is, but with a trick that easy to carry out that supposedly works, we're not about to start asking questions! Supposedly, something about the pressure points getting hit aids in digestion, and this mom says she does it for about 30 seconds on each foot.

It seems like plenty of moms are finding this video helpful, with over 109k likes on the video so far.

Definitely filing this away to try next time we need it!