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Mom Teaches Son the Coolest Nature Trick Ever

Honestly we had no idea this was a thing.

One of the easiest (and least stressful) ways to bond with your kids is to take them outside. Most kids of all ages are big fans of the outdoors, and nature offers a lot of lessons we can teach them while we explore together as a family. But thanks to TikTok, we're learning something new every day, and this trick is something we can't wait to show our kids.

One mom shared a video about something cool that happens when you snap a certain kind of twig. If you haven't discovered this yet, there's a perfect star inside... and seeing that it offered her kid tons of entertainment, we really want to try this little mom hack out for ourselves.


Showing off the little star inside of a twig, Mom wrote, "So I taught Noah that if you break these twigs there's a perfect star in them. Now he's running around finding stars screaming 'this is the best day in my whole life!'" 

In the comments, Mom explained that these twigs come from cottonwood trees, which can be found in most of the United States. And according to one person who commented on the video, Native Americans have a sweet story behind why the twigs are so magical.

"The Native American story goes that a star wanted to observe the songs and sound of humans so he hid in the cottonwood trees," the comment said.

Next time you're outside, look for these twigs and blow your kids' minds. They'll think you're the coolest ever!