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Mom Surprises Husband With Pregnancy Announcement After A Long Time of Trying and His Reaction Is Priceless

Excited is an understatement

Every pregnancy announcement is beautiful in its own way, and every unique reaction is super special, too. Some partners cry when they hear the big news, some jump up and down and scream, some are shocked silent. Usually there's a hug at some point. When @kaityladyy told her husband she was expecting (after trying for a very long time), she kept things simple and sweet, and that's exactly how her husband reacted...with one incredibly sweet gesture that just went on and on. 


That might just go on record as the longest hug in history. And how cute that he's still in his police officer uniform! She just had to tell him when he was on break, which is totally understandable. Another super adorable element to this moment: The dog who's just totally determined to get in on that hug action. He tries from one angle, he tries from another...guys? Hug? Of course, mom and dad are a little bit distracted. (Better get used to it, buddy. Once that baby shows up you're gonna have to share the spotlight!)

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