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Mom Takes Daughter to Surprise Ex Husband In Touching Video

Co-parenting done 100% right.

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Divorce is never easy, especially where kids are concerned. Splitting up property can get sticky, let alone figuring out how to split time with children between parents, but that's why it's so special when we see a family who can get it right, keeping their child's wellbeing at the center of it all. 

One parenting pair is setting the example for all co-parents on TikTok in a sweet video a mom recently shared on the app. When a daughter wanted to visit her father, Mom didn't get in the way!


According to the caption on the video, this little girl wanted to surprise her dad by showing up unannounced at his door. And though 35 minutes is definitely a bit of a drive, her mom seemed happy to do it. The best part, though, has to be when her dad opens the door to see his daughter hiding around the corner. He must have been so surprised!

Though one commenter joked that they wouldn't help their kid pull off this kind of surprise "with these gas prices," most were in agreement that this was more than just a kind gesture — it showed the right way to parent kids when no longer married.

"This is what good co-parenting looks like! Both parents putting aside their differences to make the kid happy," one person wrote.

Of course, we have no way of knowing what the co-parenting relationship was like between these parents before this video was made, but we have to give them props for how well they're getting along for the sake of their daughter. This is too sweet!