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Dad Learns He Really “Copy and Pasted” Himself With His Daughter

Two peas in a pod.

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It happens to every parent at some point or another: You see your child do something or hear them say something and realize it's 100% something you've said or done yourself, like, a million times. And you realize, whoops! I may have inadvertantly passed along some habits I didn't necessarily intend to. 

In this adorable video from @samanthaxlarue, we see a father having one of those moments with his baby daughter. Dad is just sitting on the couch, arms crossed, minding his own business, when what does his little one decide to do? Roll up in her own little couch and cross her own little arms.

How adorable is that? And yes indeed, as the dad wrote, this does seem to be a case of divine copy/paste. Or perhaps that little girl just loves her daddy so much that she studies his every move and tries to be just like him. Or maybe a little of both.

Commenters loved watching this dad's realization happen in real time...
"Dad was shocked so cute"
"At this moment Dad realized he is in fact being watched"
"When I realized my son started copying me, I changed some things up quick"
"Dad's reaction was priceless!!!"
"No need to visit Maury"
"Dad seeing his reflection"
"dad just melted into a million pieces"

Ah, parenthood. No place to hide! Kids will find your most secret habits and copy them. Guess that means we just have to get rid of the worst of them. (The habits, that is, not the kids.)