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Mom Catches Toddler Son Making Core Memory In Real Time

He’ll definitely remember this one.

The older we get, the more perspective we have on our childhoods, especially when it comes to looking back at all the moments that mattered the most. The happiest memories we have with our parents, the birthdays and holidays, and even the regular days when something small happened that we'll never forget — it all means even more to us now that we're all grown up. And at the same time, we now get to watch those moments happen for our children, too.

If you've ever caught your kid making a "core memory" in real time like this mom on TikTok has, you know what we're talking about. This sweet video shows her son in the process of experiencing something we know he'll never forget.


While they were in the car, Mom managed to capture a video of her toddler in the backseat, riding through the country with a beautiful view with the windows down and a huge smile on his face. This, right here, is what joy looks like. A big grin on his face, no shoes on, wind blowing through his hair. Pure happiness! 

In the comments, many people called this moment "wholesome," writing about how adorable this happy little guy is.

"This literally made me tear up. So sweet to think about it with his whole life ahead of him," one person wrote.

Another added, "SO DID YOU MOMMA! Seeing your child experience this is something that you’ll cherish forever too!" 

That's the truth. Looks like it was a core memory day for them both.