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Mom Commissions Son a Stuffie Version of His Late Cousin and His Reaction Is Everything

They clearly had a close bond.

If you haven't cried yet today, get will very soon. Every time a child passes away, it's an unthinkable tragedy, particularly for the family left behind. Parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins...the loss of a child leaves a hole in a family's heart. 

The little boy featured in @titocolito89's video was missing his older cousin who passed away, and with whom he shared a super close bond. So his parents got a stuffie made in his likeness so he could cuddle and spend time with it when he was feeling alone. The look on his face when he opened the box will break your heart. 


So unbearably sweet. And the way his mom says she thinks he's trying to relive the fun times they had together, as he wrestles with his stuffie...well, you were warned about the crying. Truly though, these parents are doing a beautiful thing to help their little boy process this loss and always cherish his memories with his beloved cousin. He'll never ever forget. 

Commenters were so touched by this idea:
"The last clip hit me like a truck. I’m so sorry for your loss"
"i can’t stop crying"
"This is so heartbreaking and you can see how much he loves it"
"aww :( this is so sweet. i wish i had this type of comfort growing up."
"I was not ready for the end I’m sorry for the loss of his cousin , he will forever be with him in spirit"
"the innocence of this little boy pretending he’s still play fighting with his couisn broke me"

Indeed. It's the innocence, and the love, and the hope. Love never, ever dies.