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New Mom Has a “Covid Realization” & We Bet a Lot Of New Moms Can Relate Too

What exactly…happened?

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Life as a new mom can be a lot like that song by the Talking Heads. And you may find yourself...surrounded by toys and diapers and discarded snacks...and you may ask yourself: How did I get here? That's kind of the question a lot of parents are asking themselves in these post pandemic baby boom days. Pre-covid, they might have had very different lives. And then, like @catalinatrez, one day they wake up and look around at their baby and toddler and all their accessories and wonder...wait, whose life am I living again? "Any other Covid baby parents confused how we got here??" she asks. "I had no kids then all of a sudden I had 2."


It's so hilarious how she's just like, looking around her house like she's never seen any of it before. "I thought i was gonna be the lit kidless auntie," she wrote...nope! Now you're a mother-of-two. 

Commenters totally felt her pain. “Girl I have 3 under 3…not even sure how it happened,” wrote one. “Same. Found out I was pregnant day before lockdown and have birthed 3 babies since.” Some people learned to bake, others make families…the important thing is everybody found a way to stay productive in lockdown!