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Mom Claims CPS Was Called On Her After Viral Video Shows Her Defending Kids from Drunk Attacker

And her response is *chef’s kiss.*

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Social media makes it easier than ever to stay connected to the people we love, especially after we have kids and it becomes harder to travel and plan nights out than it was before. Using apps like Facebook and Instagram means it's easy to share family updates with everyone you know at the same time, while also building a digital scrapbook of sorts that contains all the highlights from your year. But nothing on the internet is ever truly private... and the consequences that can come from what we share can be very serious.

No matter how much we share of our parenting and family lives, none of it gives the full picture, but that's never stopped people — even total strangers — from weighing in. And as one mom has shared, a video she shared on TikTok that went viral ended in CPS showing up to her house to question her. 

The original video that went viral, capturing the attention of nearly nine million viewers, shared security camera footage of this mom who defended her children with a bat from someone who was drunk in her yard and attacking her. It turns out that it was her neighbor, and though the story is complicated to follow thanks to deleted videos, it's clear in the footage that she was being threatened by a man named Michael who was yelling that she should be afraid of him. 

After seeing that video, someone allegedly called CPS, and now, mama bear's claws are coming out! A social worker came to her house, encouraging her to "choose better options" when it comes to how she reacts in situations like this, and Mama went off.

"If you came here to try and educate me, the education would be better served on telling me which 'pew-pew' to buy," she said. "Because if and when — and I hope it doesn't ever — this happens again, I plan to 'pew' first and ask questions later." 

We don't know enough about the situation to weigh in, but we can totally understand how protective moms get when their babies are in a dangerous situation. We can't blame her for wanting to fight back!