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“Cool Aunt” Buys Niece the Creepy Doll She Wanted Since No One Else Would Get It For Her

She’s a little Wednesday Addams.

It's always important to remember that kids are just little people, and as such, they might have weird taste sometimes that takes you by surprise and makes you wonder where they came from, exactly. It seems the little girl in this video from @kyliespector wanted something for her birthday that nobody else in her family was very enthusiastic about; in fact, nobody even wanted to buy it for her. 

You might guess the gift was some odd type of pet, like a lizard or a tarantula. But no...all this little girl wanted was a doll. A doll that looks like something out of a nightmare, to be exact. And the person brave enough to go out and buy a birthday gift like that? The one and only "cool aunt," of course.


Yikes! That's a creepy doll. But who cares, because that girl loves it so very much! The gift clearly made her birthday, and made her aunt a hero in her eyes (if she wasn't already). It's so important to kids to see their interests validated, even if those interests aren't something you understand entirely. 

Commenters were totally impressed with how this family is nurturing the little girl's creativity:
"I love seeing families that encourage kids individuality even if it's a bit spooky"
"auntie understood the assignment"
"ok this is sweet but she gonna have to keep it at cool aunt kelsey's house"
Hmm, keeping it at cool Aunt Kelsey's house isn't such a bad idea. Just kidding. This girl deserves to have her favorite doll by her side. No matter how much it freaks her family out.

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