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Baby Monitor Catches Something Eerie Creeping Into Infant’s Crib and No One Can Explain It

We’d be packed and ready to move...

During those first few months, having the baby sleep in a crib or bassinet in your room is essential. The night feedings alone are reason enough, but new parents also like to keep little ones close in case of emergencies too. But what if the danger isn’t something you can see with your own eyes?

Parents of a newborn baby are currently dealing with that reality, when after they reviewed footage of their baby sleeping in their room throughout the night they noticed some bone chilling. 


Blink and we swear you’d almost miss it. The parents provided two angles for the non-believers, one showing the entirety of the room while the other was focused on the baby. In the panned out angle, it looks like an ordinary night with parents sleeping in the bed and the baby snoozing in her cot. But when you look at the baby close up camera, you can see the sheets slightly tugging, even though on the bigger camera no one else is in the room. Then you see what looks like a small hand peek into the crib and pull away quickly.

People were convinced that there was either someone hiding under the crib or a cat, but the parents swore it was neither of those things. 

While luckily the baby was unharmed and unbothered, this footage is enough to never let the baby sleep without someone watching them again,