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Dad Discovers Daughter Sleeping to the Eeriest Music

Is she ok?

Some kids are freaked out by anything the slightest bit scary or eerie. Other kids seem to gravitate to all things haunted from the minute they're born. Why are some kids born creepy? It's hard to say. Lots of horror movies during pregnancy?

These are questions @threegirldad is probably asking himself right now. He posted a video of his 7-year-old daughter, explaining that she "likes to fall asleep to ambient music but this is concerning. WTF?!"

Once you hear the music his little girl likes to fall asleep to, you'll understand his question.


Hmmm. Well, it might be kind of haunting music, but one could look at it as calming and soothing, perhaps (if one found coffins and spiders and bats calming and soothing). But who cares? If it helps a kid fall asleep, it can't be all bad. Whatever works, right?

And as a lot of commenters pointed out, she might not have been listening to creepy music at all. Commenters pointed out the music sounded like music for meditation or the music of sound bowls, and that this little girl might just be vibrating at a higher frequency:

"I play the same thing. It’s called “floating in space” on Spotify."
"She's actually pretty advanced and recognizes the level of frequency that resonates with her mind."
"Binaural beats, my dude. She leveling up."
"7 years old and listening to FREQUENCY!!!!!! She’s amazing and will do great things, don’t change her"

Other commenters, though, were pretty sure the dad needed to watch his back:
"At least she’s asleep in her bed and not standing next to your bed staring at you while you sleep"
"Future Stephen King writer or Rob Zombie horror movie writer"
"Her rooms all pink ang girly then that music I’d be sleeping with my door locked"

Whichever way you look at it, at least the kid is sleeping through the night!