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Woman Goes Into the ER for Stomach Pains Only to Learn She’s 7 Months Pregnant and In Labor

That escalated quickly...

If you've ever been pregnant, you might wonder how it is that some women manage to go through the majority of their pregnancies not even knowing they're pregnant until the day they go into labor. But it absolutely happens, which is just proof that every woman's body, and pregnancy, is drastically different. 

In this video from @bkillvh, she explains how she admitted herself to the ER for stomach pain after work one day only to find out that she was 7.5 months pregnant, and in labor! How?! As she explained in the video, her weight stayed between 110 and 115 pounds the whole time, and her periods were irregular since she was a teenager, so she truly had no idea. A picture from two weeks earlier shows a woman that in no way looks 7 months pregnant. But, surprise!


Can you even imagine? What an unbelievably huge thing to go through! As the new mom wrote, "i don’t think you can realize how traumatic this actually was and is. certain emotions come & go but at the end of it all, i’m grateful for HER." Sounds like someone who's absolutely trying to do the best she can with what she's been given.

Commenters were actually super compassionate, but also very curious, and concerned about the well-being of this mom and baby...
"that must’ve been so traumatic i’m sorry love, i hope you had a safe delivery"
"I believe it! I got bigger but I barely had symptoms."
"I had a cryptic pregnancy and one of the worst things was our society’s perception of it. So glad to see you sharing this"
"that would have been terrifying but congrats mama on the precious bundle"
"The human body is so wild and unique to everyone. That is so crazy"
"Can’t imagine how hard that day was. Your baby is beautiful"
"That trauma is real, I knew my baby was coming but she came when I wasn’t expecting it and it was very traumatizing and I knew I was pregnant"
"This exact thing just happened to my friend. I got a surprise nephew on the morning of my bday. Sending you so much love you've got this mama"

Here's hoping this new mama and her little girl are recovering nicely and doing well!