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Mom Tries To Capture Sweet Moment With Toddler But Ends Up Catching Something Else Entirely

She’s evidently got the mouth of a sailor.

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Despite our best intentions to avoid cursing around our children, sometimes, we let a bad word (or two) slip — we might be parents, but we're only human. And as parents, we know all too well how our kids will parrot just about anything we say... even the words we wish they'd keep to themselves until they're much older! 

One mom learned this lesson the hard way while taking a video with her toddler that ended up going in a different direction than she expected. In the video, which ended up on TikTok, Mom is trying to capture a video of her daughter saying something cute and accidentally caught something else on camera.


Mom leans down to capture the moment her daughter says "my goodness," which actually is really cute, considering she's both a tiny toddler and has a British accent. But what she said next is something her mom definitely see coming, judging by the look on her face... and according to her, Dad is to blame.

Sorry, but there's something so funny about little kids cussing — and it's even better with an accent, to be totally honest.

It's no wonder this video has gone viral, with well over 25,000 people commenting.

"She has 100% been practicing that," one person wrote, while another added, "The clearness in tone and facial expression. What a mood." 

This is a funny moment Mom will remember forever, though we have a feeling Dad is never going to live it down!