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Baby Strikes Cutest Pose Once Mommy Whips Out the Polaroid Camera

Mom was not expecting that!

Why do babies always do the cutest things after you take a photo? You never know what kind of response you're going to get when you ask a little one to "say cheese," you just hope for something that's not a frown or some other expression of displeasure. At the end of the day, whatever they do is probably going to be pretty cute. 

When @laurenderouennn told her baby to say cheese for her Polaroid camera, she got an undeniably adorable, tongue-sticking out face. But then the baby really started hamming it up, making some of the cutest faces ever recorded. This girl knows how to respond to a camera in the room!


So sweet, right? She's just got such a pure, bright smile and adorable little way about her. You could just watch her make faces all day. 

Commenters were totally charmed by this little sweetheart, and everybody really wanted to see those Polaroid pics. Maybe in a subsequent post?
"she said I'm so silly"
"That little laugh afterwards, she knew what she was doing. So stinking cute"
"that was adorable"
"The way she laughed about it to herself after like 'oh she’s gonna love this one'"
"I don’t need children, I don’t need children please repeat with meeee!! But look at this beautiful sweetie and pretty baby"
"She literally said “Gotcha!” and cracked herself up!"
"This is seriously the most heartwarming video ever!! You have one precious tiny human who is so very loved and it shows."

That is one happy baby. Of course, she no doubt has her moments, like all babies do, but she's awfully happy in this video, and one kind of gets the sense that she is overall a pretty happy baby. Not to mention, a pretty baby who knows how to strike a pose.