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You Will Not Believe the Size of This Kid at 9 Months Old

He’s destined to be a line-backer.

Babies come in all shapes and sizes. Right from the beginning. Big, small, round, long...and they grow up into a wide variety of adults. Genetics play a role, but it's confusing; you can get siblings of all sizes, and it doesn't always seem to be determined by the size of the parents, either, which anyone who's ever seen a petite mom with a giant baby strapped to her chest can attest. Is it something moms eat during pregnancy?

Some babies are so big they can surprise you. In this video from @davisonabrantes, we see two pictures of two brothers, one when the baby is 3 months and the big brother is 3 years old, the second when the baby is 9 months old (and the big brother is still 3, maybe 4?). 

The difference in their sizes is...surprising.


The difference in their sizes is surprising because there is practically no difference in their sizes, even though there are three years between them! What?! How does this even happen? This first pic is so hilarious, because the baby looks just delighted to be such a big giant boy. In the second pic, he looks a little did he get so big?

Commenters were fairly blown away by this not-so-little guy. 
"Looks like me and my “little” brother 35yrs ago. He is now 6’8” and I’m 5’6”."
"please tell me his mother is ok"
"You have to potential to create a super athlete. Once he walks, teach him to run."
"this was my son exactly!!! he's just turned 15 and is 6"3 210lbs and the most unathletic kid ever tells ppl he's big for no reason."
"My son has always been bigger than everyone also. He’s now 12 yro, 5’11” and wears 13 size shoes."
"The only parent that's allowed to say 'they grow up so fast'"
"first ever kid in the 101st%"
"My oldest son was like this. 24 lb at about 6 months old. He's 4 now and weighs almost 60lb"
"I know yalls backs hurt!"

Truth..Carrying around a baby that big would definitely put a strain on the old back. But he'll be walking in no time. At which point most commenters seemed to feel he should immediately start playing football, but that's up to him! Maybe he'd rather read a book.