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Son Gives Mama the Gift of Enjoying Hot Coffee By Stepping Up for Baby Brother

What a sweet kid.

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It's hard to predict how things will pan out when you add a new baby to the family. Even those early weeks and months as everyone adjusts aren't always indicative of the way their sibling relationship will be as the kids get older and get used to having another kid in the house. But some children are just born to be big brothers and big sisters and take their new job very seriously.

It doesn't always work out like this, but when it does, there's truly nothing better, especially as a new mom who can use all the slack she can get. Motherhood might mean letting go of the idea that you'll ever drink your coffee when it's hot... unless you have a child like the one in this viral TikTok video

This lucky mom shared the way her oldest son has really stepped up since she brought the new baby home. The baby fell asleep in his big brother's bed, and that led big bro to offer to watch the baby while Mom drank her coffee that morning, totally uninterrupted. This is why you have more than one kid, y'all. Moments like this! 

Big brother seems so sweet in the video, even shushing his mama so she wouldn't wake the baby. And in case anyone's worried that his parents are encouraging him to take on this responsibility, Mom wrote in her caption that he loves to help and she never pressures him to do it. And as some commenters point out, that might be exactly why he volunteers so much.

"So sweet. He wants to help because you don’t try to force him. Letting him snuggle the baby while you drinking your coffee is perfectly bonding time," one person wrote.

These brothers are already lucky to have each other. Here's hoping this bond only grows as they do! 

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