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After Getting Son New "Big Boy Bed" Mom Finds Him Curled Up With the Cutest Thing

She must feel so loved.

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Like many other milestones and changes that come with toddlerhood, it's a big deal when the crib gets switched out for the toddler bed. Some kiddos handle the transition better than others — after all, they are saying goodbye to the only place they've slept in their entire lives! And for many little ones, having comfort items like a favorite stuffed animal or blanket is key to it all going smoothly.

But when it came to keeping comfort close by, this little boy who recently made the move to the big boy bed really went above and beyond. His mom shared what she found after her child fell asleep, and this might be the sweetest thing we've seen on TikTok in a long time. 

Mom opened the door to find the light on and her son asleep on the floor instead of his bed. And when she got closer, she realized that he was cuddling a framed photo of the two of them together — he clearly found his own way of keeping his mama close during what can often be a big change for lots of little ones. 

Though some commenters were a bit judgy, calling the video "heartbreaking" and telling the mom she should just let her son sleep in her bed instead, plenty of others thought this was really adorable.

"The love that boys have for their mama is just magical," one person wrote. 

This little boy will adjust to the change quickly, and we don't doubt that he knows that his mama is nearby if he needs her. Just seeing that he wanted to keep this picture close is all the proof we need to know that these two have a great bond!