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Dad Puts His Full Grown Teen Son On Shoulders for Annual Christmas Tradition

It’s the “I gotcha buddy” for me...

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When our kids are little and we get into the groove of parenting, we start all kinds of holiday family traditions — sometimes on purpose, and some on accident. At the time, we usually don't know which ones will end up being the most important to our kids. But when they're older, we will do anything we need to do to keep those traditions alive as parents.

That's why seeing this dad put his fully grown teenage son on his shoulders to carry on one of their childhood Christmas traditions in this TikTok video makes total sense to us. As ridiculous as it is, it's actually really heartwarming at the same time.

When he was little, this son would sit on his father's shoulders to put the star on the Christmas tree — a pretty popular tradition for a lot of families! And even though the son is obviously tall enough to do it himself without his dad's help now, they weren't willing to let go of sharing that moment together every year. Dad had to kneel down on the ground to make it happen, and it looks like the boy was actually a bit concerned about hurting his dad, but they made it work!

Hearing their conversation in the background is what really pulled out heartstrings. Dad saying, "you're never too big"? Truer words were never spoken! 

We love that they got this on video, because it's the perfect mix of precious and hilarious. Here's hoping these two can continue finding ways to continue this sweet tradition!

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