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Mom Catches ’Emo’ Dad and Uncles Serenading Newborn

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Becoming a parent for the first time is one of the biggest changes that ever happens in someone's life, but having a newborn doesn't mean you're not still you — and it just makes the friends who stick around for the process even more special. Who doesn't appreciate a friend from their childfree life sticking around to hang out with them and their new baby? 

One mom on TikTok managed to capture just how lucky her husband is to have friends who seem to be having a blast with their newborn. He might be new to the world, but he's already one of the boys! 


In the video, we can see baby boy in his swing as he's surrounded by his Dad and his friends, who are drinking beers and dramatically serenading him with the song "Fall For You" by Secondhand Serenade. In the future, we can see this little guy singing right along with them! 

"Enjoy this wholesome content between my son, his dad, and his uncles," Mom wrote in her caption. 

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In a comment, she went on to explain that "they always sing this when they drink so of course they had to show our boy how it’s done." It's too cute that they decided to let the newest member of their crew in on their ritual, as silly as it might be. 

It looks like the baby will have no shortage of dudes to have fun with as he grows. He's a lucky little guy!

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