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Woman Heals Fiancé’s Inner Child With Epic Harry Potter Lego Set and His Reaction Was So Sweet

She’s a keeper...

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Unfortunately, part of being an adult is managing our own mental health, and usually, that comes with a bit of healing your inner child. The disappointments and trauma we experience without properly coping with them as children often follow us into adulthood, and while it's certainly a challenge to work through it all years later, boy is it worth it.

Sometimes, this can mean doing things that others might find childish to help heal yourself... like freaking out over a Lego set as a birthday gift. One very thoughtful woman shared what happened when she gifted her fiancé a massive Harry Potter Lego set, and his reaction was so pure. This was a magical gift for a lot of reasons! 

The box of Legos is absolutely massive — probably because the end result is a giant Hogwarts castle, which retails for well over $400, making this a seriously impressive gift. It's so touching to watch his reaction, especially when the tears start flowing. If you're crying along with him, please believe you're not alone! 

"Now that is sheer love, appreciation and gratitude right there," one person commented.

Another wrote, "I am 32 years old crying at another adult getting Lego for his birthday." 

Nobody is ever too old to heal their inner child — or to play with Legos. These two are lucky to have found each other.