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Mom Has Video Proof She Is Raising the Perfect Nerd

She’s definitely on her way to geeky greatness

One of the most fun things about having kids is getting to pass on your interests and hobbies, even if (maybe especially if) they're considered "nerdy" pursuits. There's nothing more fun than teaching your little one character keyphrases and introducing them to your favorite lore, even if they aren't quite ready to understand it yet.

Because even if they're not fully understanding what they're saying, it's okay...they're still getting indoctrinated in the art of your favorite nerdy pastime. Fake it until you make it. And they might be understanding more than you think! The little girl in this video from @thatmusicalmama seems pretty excited to hold up a big stick and say "You shall not pass" like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings


So cute! "This is daddy’s doing, btw," wrote mom, but who can tell? In another year or so, this little girl might be ready to hit Comic Con. Either that or the Ren Faire. Maybe both. Nerdy or not, that's a whole lot of fun you're introducing your kid to when you open up these worlds to them. 

Comments proved that there are plenty of other "nerds" out there who totally think this is the most excellent way to parent, ever. 
"Aka, 'the correct way to parent'"
"I’ll be doing this with my kids. All three will block my husband in the hallway wall chanting this. It’s been decided."
"My dad used to hide a ring in our backyard when I was younger, and we used to play lord of the rings to try to find it"
"The BEST kind of nerd! The Hobbit, LOTR and Star Wars are regular faves over here!"
"The enthusiasm!!!! Like the fellowship depended on her"

The best part? Look at all these people, just ready and waiting to be her friend. The nerd community is a pretty great one!