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Dad Says He’s Worried About Being a Good Parent Gets Best Surprise From Toddler

Talk about the best timing ever.

Being a parent can sometimes be a pretty exhausting and thankless job when kids are still little. Sure, we get the hugs and cuddles from our toddlers (when they feel like it) and we love them more than life itself, but the tantrums and meltdowns can definitely become more than a little overwhelming when our kids are in one of those phases.

Even though it usually doesn’t reflect on us as parents, those tough phases can often make us feel like we’re not doing a good job, as one very honest dad on TikTok openly admitted recently. But it’s safe to say that his daughter doesn’t feel that way — at least, as far as her actions in the video show.


Dad was sitting down to film a video about how he doesn’t feel like he’s doing a good job as a parent when a tiny hand coming from a toddler off screen interrupted him, putting a sticker on his shirt. It was a gesture that he described as “the cutest unintentional thing she’s done,” and when you see what the sticker says, you’ll probably feel the same way!

There’s something so pure about this moment, since stickers are how parents and teachers usually show kids that they’re doing great… so receiving one from your kid must really mean something special.

“Hits me right in the words of affirmation,” Dad wrote in the caption of his video.

It’s so easy to feel like we aren’t good parents. But as long as our kids are feeling loved and safe, there’s a chance they’d all give us stickers if they could.