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Dad Breaks the House Rules In Cutest Way Possible

I mean, could anyone resist?

Dads might act tough, but in the end, so many of them turn out to be the pushover parent — especially when their kids are still tiny and so adorable! As parents, we know we set rules for a reason, and for many of us, that means keeping our kids out of our beds and in their own (for a plethora of reasons). But one dad on TikTok decided to throw out that rule... and hide the evidence.

In the video, Dad and baby can be seen chilling in the grown ups' bed, playing with a rattle. And as soon as Mom walks in and realizes what's going on, Dad immediately throws the blanket over the baby so she's hidden from view. LOL! 


What’s truly adorable about this video is seeing what baby does next — her reaction is so cute! And the 1.4 million people who liked the video certainly seem to agree.

"Baby said 'don’t you dare hide me, we in this together,'" one user wrote. Another added, "She took the cover down like YOU in trouble not me." 

This little one has a big personality already! And she's not afraid to sell her dad down the river, either.

Sometimes, rules are made to be broken... especially when they result in some truly adorable footage like this.