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Baby Mimics Dad Being Silly and It’s So Cute

These two are peas in a pod

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Sometimes, the weirdest things make a baby laugh. A random expression mom makes, a shadow on the wall, a crinkly bag, pretty much anything an animal just never know. For some reason, the baby in this video from @jaedeen.wynne wants her dad to put his hand on her shoulder and say "Hey," over and over and over again. Hand, "hey," giggle. Over and over. Until dad told the baby to try it herself. That's when her parents were the ones to start laughing.


How hilarious that she said "hey" in that little deep voice!! Dad was most likely expecting her to just put her little hand on his arm and say something in her own little voice, but instead..."HEY." So funny. Commenters agreed. "The fact that she deepens her voice too this was so funny and cute," wrote one. "An impressionist in the making!" wrote another. "I love when babies can pull off jokes, so smart," commented yet another fan. Such a good point, because babies totally can understand jokes, and sometimes parents underestimate their baby's sense of humor. Meanwhile, jokes can be your salvation as a parent: they can snap a little one out of a bad mood in no time and make unpleasant scenarios more tolerable. It's pretty clear this father/daughter pair already have their comedic timing down.