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Dad Breaking Down Over the Fact That His Kids Refused to Eat His Dinners Is All of Us

You are not alone, brother

It's one of the ongoing struggles of parenthood: How to consistently keep kids fed with a variety of nutritious foods that go beyond chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. It's a challenge, to say the least, and when you finally make the effort to think outside of the box and make something different for dinner, something good for your kids that you're absolutely sure they'll like, and they turn their noses up at it? Well, it's pretty much devastating.

That's why @crossingjordyn's rant is so very, very relatable. See, he's a dad of three kids. And he just wanted to make them something different for dinner, something besides a nugget. So he made chicken and mashed potatoes...surely a child-friendly meal, right? Except, wrong.


Who knows what made these kids so anti-mashed potatoes? Sometimes kids just don't like how something looks. Or they think it's going to taste like something else. Or they're just going to need to taste it a dozen more times before they decide they don't hate it. Kids are so weird when it comes to food. So the worst is when you get yourself all excited thinking they're going to love something you worked hard to make. 

Commenters totally related to this dad...
"Feeding your kids is probably the most frustrating thing as a parent. You’re amazing"
"omg u spoke to my situation with my 3 yr old it kills me"
"my kids wont eat melted cheese and i dont think theyre actually human."
"No one told us trying to feed our kids is what’s going to break us"
"my son loves pepperoni pizza but refuses to eat cheese pizza because he doesnt like cheese. news flash: pepperoni pizza has cheese on it"

Kids. Whaddya gonna do? Generally, they end up eating something. Over time, you just hope that maybe they'll eat something healthy.