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Mom and Sisters Give Sweetest Pep Talk to Bride’s Sobbing Dad On Her Big Day

So. Many. Feels.

Weddings are emotional times, and even people who don't usually get teary-eyed in public can find themselves breaking down in the middle of a crowd. The incredibly sweet family in this video from @deardarlingfilms has a smart approach: Get all the tears out before the ceremony (then your makeup won't be running in the pictures!). The bride's sisters and her mom decided to give her dad a pep talk before her saw her for the first time, just to prepare him for how beautiful she looked (because they knew he would lose it the second he saw her). And indeed, the tears are already starting to flow, because this family is feeling some seriously intense love for each other in this gorgeous moment. 


Is this not the sweetest family ever? As a parent, it's pretty much the best you can hope for...your children telling you how amazing their family is and how much they love each other and how happy your other child is to be getting married...what a moment of absolute gratitude. Everything is right with this family's world in this moment, and they're taking the time to appreciate each other and let each other know how they feel (because if they don't get this off their chests before the ceremony, they won't be able to shut off the waterworks once things get started!). 
Commenters were so moved and happy for the family:
"Father of girls, here. I’m not crying, you are."
"'It’s so fun dad, she’s so happy' just killed me"
"love how the sister commented on how happy the bride was.. true love"
"The sister, she’s so happy dad that’s the entire moment"
"Dad has set the bar for these beautiful women!"
"This is the sweetest video ever. Family goals."
Here's hoping there's a Part 2 soon where we can see the bride's big reveal!