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Dad Gets Beautifully Emotional Over Watching Wife Breastfeed

He’s a keeper.

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When it comes to dads and breastfeeding, there's not so much they can do to help, exactly...but there is a ton of stuff they can do to be super supportive. Whether it's by getting you a glass of water or adjusting your pillows or just listening to your frustrations, they can play a surprisingly big role.  

This sweet video from @momlookit shows a dad who's about as supportive of his wife's breastfeeding as he can possibly be. He's so happy she's breastfeeding that he's actually brought to tears by the beauty of it all.

Awww. So touching! This is a dad who really seems to understand breastfeeding on a deeper level. Not just that, but he's a parent who really appreciates the little things and the everyday moments, which is so important. This mom definitely has a partner who's 100% on her side as they go through life together, raising their children.

Commenters were so impressed with this dad's sensitivity and ability to express himself. 

"This is such a genuine display of what the divine masculine is - what a beautiful vulnerable moment"
"You don't even know how rare it is to have a man like this. How lucky"
"I love that he saw how beautiful and bittersweet that moment was, then leaned into it and cherished it"
"This is how my husband speaks to me. I wish every woman could experience it"
"This is why I refuse to settle. ABSOLUTELY beautiful"
"he is rare"
"astounding gratitude...what a gift to share...and the dash of humor!"

It's true, this dad definitely has a rare and beautiful level of sensitivity. What a gift for this family as they go through life together! 

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